Literacy underpins the school curriculum by developing students’ abilities to speak, listen, read and write for a wide  range of purposes, using language to learn and communicate, to think, explore and organise.  Helping students to express themselves clearly orally and in writing enhances and enriches teaching and learning in all subjects.  All teachers have a crucial role to play in supporting students’ literacy development.

At Castledon we

  • all teach literacy, no matter the lesson;
  • use Read Write as a basis for teaching and learning of writing and reading;
  • recognise that language is central to students’ sense of identity, belonging and growth;
  • develop students’ confidence and self-expression;

The literacy curriculum is rich and varied, and is adapted to meet the needs of every student.  We use Read Write as a basis for our reading and writing, and encourage all parents and carers to have some knowledge of this scheme.  We encourage students to read regularly, both in school and at home, and every child takes home a book that matches their reading ability.  Students are also provided with login details to provide access to Bug Club, a finely-levelled reading scheme, which ensures that all children can find ebooks at exactly the right level for them in order to support reading at home.

  1. Parent Instructions Bug Club
  2. Read write pamplet to parents
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