Teaching and Learning

Our curriculum starts with year 1 pupils learning through a mixture of the key stage one national curriculum whilst still incorporating elements of the early years curriculum and its principles.

Our primary department offers a curriculum particularly focussing on literacy, maths and lifeskills. We use the national curriculum to ensure that pupils are offered a broad and balanced curriculum through a topics based approach up to and including year 8. The curriculum includes various experiences to support sensory and individualised learning needs. Year 9 pupils onwards follow a vocational curriculum linked to their desired goals post 16. Some pupils are able to access external provisions and work towards further externally accredited courses particularly at level 1. 

There is a strong emphasis on practical learning. Learning is as real life as possible, alongside using our range of onsite facilities, we try to take the pupils out into the local and wider community whenever possible. Throughout the year the school has a number of cross curricular themed days to enhance pupils well-being, understanding of the world, personal and social development and social skills.

In Key Stage 4, our 11 pupils undertake external accreditation whilst working towards preparation for studying within a college environment. Every pupil is taught, encouraged and challenged to achieve his or her potential. Therefore we offer courses ranging from entry level through to the possibility of level 2 functional skills and GCSE's. 

We encourage pupils to develop a love of reading and therefore library books are sent home on a regular basis as well as younger pupils having access to BugClub. We have subscribed to Education City which pupils and their families can use at home for a small charge, this is a fun and visual way to support learning.


  1. 6th form Sex and Relationships
  2. Year 11 and 6th form English and Maths
  3. Year 11 and Year 12 Curriculum overview
  4. 6th form Art and Music (1)
  5. 6th form BTEC Home Cooking Skills and Vocational Sport
  6. 6th form Lifesaving
  7. ICT and Science
  8. Complex Year 1-6
  9. Year 11 Curriculum overview
  10. 6th form Group 3 Lifeskills
  11. 6th form Vocational 1
  12. 6th form PSHE
  13. 6th form Sport
  14. Secondary Year 9 and year 10 Curriculum 2017-18
  15. Primary Year 1 to year 4 Curriculum 2017-18
  16. Primary Year 5 and year 6 Curriculum 2017-18
  17. Secondary Year 7 and Year 8 Curriculum 2017-18