Teaching and Learning


Our curriculum starts with year 1 pupils learning through a mixture of the key stage one national curriculum whilst still incorporating elements of the early years curriculum and its principles.

Our primary department caters for pupils from year 1 through to year 5 and uses the national curriculum to ensure that pupils are offered a broad and balanced curriculum, whilst tailoring learning to suit the needs of the pupils within each class. There is a strong emphasis on lifeskills and practical learning. Learning is as real life as possible and we try to take the pupils out into the local and wider community whenever possible. Throughout the year the school has a number of cross curriculum themed days to enhance pupils well-being, understanding of the world, personal and social developement and social skills

Pupils in year 6 and 7 are part of our Middle School and Year 8 and 9 are part of our Upper School, these pupils are taught in ability groupings. These groupings are predominantly organised based on their academic ability in literacy. Pupils will continue to work through elements of the national curriculum, using key stage 2 and 3 topics appropriate to their ability.

In Key Stage 4, years 10 and 11 pupils undertake external accreditation, every pupil is taught, encouraged and challenged to achieve his or her potential. Therefore we offer courses ranging from entry level through to the possibility of level 1 functional skills and GCSE. The curriculum offer varies based on the ability of each pupil.  

We produce a termly summary of the Curriculum for each class which details the range of learning activities that pupils will experience, and also provides many ideas for you as support for your child's progress.  These curriculum newsletters are sent home at the start of each term. We also encourage pupils to develop a love of reading and therefore books are sent home on a regular basis. We have subscribed to Education City which pupils and their families can use at home as a fun and visual way to support learning, as well as using the schools VLE to communicate and learn in a safe and secure environment.



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